Holiday at the Bolsena Lake...

Living in private Italian cottages. Nature and culture. Holiday at the Bolsena Lake.

Bolsenasee ... means to visit the original Italy where nature and culture still live together in an inimitable way. Hilly farmland and ancient cities surround the almost circular lake whose beauty and climate have been appreciated also in former times by the Popes during the renaissance Period. They passed their summers on the Bisentina island, and built seven chapels to posterity.
The lake was discovered already a long time ago as the ideal place to relax, nevertheless it is one of Italy's less known regions. The graceful surroundings offer green hills, vineyards, vegetable gardens and green slopes with olives and sunflowers. In the city of Montefiascone  you can find narrow streets, flowered balconies, ancient stairways, archways and old washhouses. Everywhere visitors can meet the atmosphere from former centuries. In every corner you can enjoy the tipical Italian way of life. Bolsenasee
Bolsenasee The Bolsena lake is situated in Latium, the region with the capital city Rome. Latium is one of hte most important cultural regions of the country, where great art has been created in the past, even more than in Umbria and Tuscany. Northern Latium - from Rome to the lake Bolsena is known as the heart of the Etruscans. 2500 years of history and cultutre: Etruscan tombs, ancient sanctuaries, peaceful monasteries, medieval hilltowns, buildings and gardens from the 16th century, and of course the museums of contemporary art. There are many places to see, ideal for a day trip, such as are the famous cathedral of Orvieto and the magical garden of "Niki de Saint Phalle".
Bolsenasee A holiday at the lake of Bolsena offers also: sailing, swimming, surfing, walking, cycling, observing butterflies, having breakfast on the "Piazza", enjoying the sun, some vino, and "dolce far niente" - the Italian art of not doing anything.